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Ad4All Ad|Portal

The Ad4All Ad|Portal is a self-service portal that is dedicated to the delivery and processing of ad material for print and online channels. This solution offers publishers superior time savings throughout the workflow by automating, delivering, checking, and proofing). Your advertisers automatically receive an e-mail informing them of approaching deadlines (so called Copy chasing). This gives your sales department more time to spend on sales activities and less time spent chasing any missing ad material. Currently, the Ad4All Ad|Portal is used by more than 100 publications and facilitates ad-quality control for more than 5000 advertisers.

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How Ad4All Ad|Portal works for you as a publisher

Our advertisers will navigate to the Ad|Portal using the link they receive via e-mail. Ad|Portal has a user friendly interface and offers the advertiser the possibility to upload new material or re-use old material. Once PDF material has been uploaded, Ad|Portal will automatically check and repair/prepare the material according to predefined standards. The checked material can then be inserted into your digital workflow and ready for publishing or further processing. Ad|Portal is available 24/7/365 to your advertisers.

Besides processing ready-made material, Ad|Portal also supports in-house DTP material. Partial material elements (word, jpg, png) can be uploaded into Ad|Portal and inserted into your workflow. Once the ad has been made and ready for proofing, Ad|Portal wil take care of the whole proofing workflow.Throughout this process,.Ad|Portal is still monitoring the deadlines and will inform advertisers and your sales department of any exceptions or delays.

If an advertiser wishes to re-use old material, Ad|Portal has the solution. Ad|Portal supports changed and unchanged re-use of old material. Using Ad|Portal,advertisers can replace old material without requiring assistance of the publisher’s ad building staff.

PDF checker

During day-to-day operation, ad material often does not suit our specifications. Unfortunately, this is mostly discovered during the last phase of production leaving the publisher with fewoptions and unwanted surprises. PDF Checker will check the uploaded PDF material and make sure it meets your requirements. Any errors or warnings will be reported back to the advertiser alongwith a practical manual on how to solve the problem. Using this process, we are able to generate an efficient and informed workflow for everyone by minimizinge errors and surprises.

PDF fixer

As a publisher. you can also choose to use the PDF Fixer. If possible, the PDF Fixer will repair the faulty PDF material on-the-fly. After fixing the ad content, the Ad|Portal will ask the advertiser if he agrees with the modified material and upload the material into the Ad|Portal’ss integrated workflows.





Ad|Portal is a cloud-based system and is accessible anytime and from anywhere. Publisher do not have to invest in hardware, software or system management. Cloud-based configurations make the use of Ad|Portal a low cost investment and start-up.

Sales contacts

Using Ad|portal, a publisher can send sales messages via e-mail between the publisher and the advertiser. That way the essential sales contacts are still guaranteed and you can reduce costs and resources during the delivery process.

Advantages of Ad|Portal

The system had been designed to improve the efficiency and the workflow for you and for your advertisers:

  • Uniform delivery of ad material for all channels
  • Deadline management and copy chasing
  • Integration with your ad management and workflow system
  • Workflow management based on the workflow of the publisher
  • E-mail notifications with marketing and sales messages
  • Shifting of simple tasks from publisher to advertiser
  • Turn-key solution

The Ad4All Ad|Portal is a one-stop-shopping concept for the delivery of ad material for all media channels.